Wednesday, June 23, 2004


You were the Romeo in my endless dreams
Magnificence and gallantry alike
Your ethereal charms and dazzling smile
Drown me, bind me to your vicious, lurid embrace

Aye, my love, you vowed to be my knight
You professed to be in a shining armor
Your jeweled sword I held dearly against my breast
My vigilante, my shield
Now is thrust upon my heart
I ache, I bleed, I cry
But alas, my ravaged heart!
I saw you smile again
That devious smile
Through blinded eyes
I saw you again and again.

You refused to liberate me
Ah, you selfish prince!
You challenged my forbearance
I now crave no love
from you
as I compel myself to rouse from deep slumber
I find my eyes wide open
And I dream no moreā€¦


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